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Disappearing Monarchs

Installation: Sustainably-sourced maple wood cookies & acrylic

~various diameters from 2.5"-3.5"

$25 each (included with purchase of any original art at the Artist Project)


Collect these unique pieces that evoke the disapearance of the monarch butterfly - a keystone species and symbol of transformation, resilience and fragility. As these are collected, the installation slowly disapears...



About Camille Myles

"I translate the energy of nature into playful art that inspires us embrace change."


Camille Myles is an emerging Canadian contemporary artist living on the shores of Georgian Bay in Tiny, Ontario. Park Superintendent & formerly an archaeologist, Myles has a deep connection to nature & history bringing hope and transformation to her community. Working in painting, sculpture, installation and public art, she creates conversations about identity, motherhood and celebrates change and growth in her work. She’s exhibited extensively and is part of private collections internationally. 

Disappearing Monarchs

  • Pick up available at Artist Project and order online is also available

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