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Older works

Train series - Exploring movement and the passage of time

After art school, I constantly painted, explored themes and imagery that were very linked to my life stage - discovering my place and looking at movement in my art. I often used encaustic and oils to paint trains or landscapes seen through the window of a train. I often went back and forth from city to city, with no clear notion of home and this inspired what I painted. It is often said that the railrod system built modern Canada, shaping our connections and creating accessibility for goods and trade. In our modern world, goods are highly commoditized and trains are packed with merchandise coming from the far reaches of the world. These paintings reflect on how our consumption impacts our landscape.

Motel series (Encaustic & Oil)

During these train trips, I also became very interested in motels and abandoned landscapes, so prevalent in areas of distress, where nature clearly takes over again and our cultural artefacts disappear into the wild.

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