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Video & Performance

"Self-reflections, the world keeps on spinning around me", Art in-situ, Bluewater Beach Protected Dune Area, Tiny, Georgian Bay, 2021.

From video installation to interactive art, Camille Myles plays with the viewer, interacts with the audience to reveal intriguing self-portraits that speak to notions of the environment, nature, femininity, body image and objectivity. 

Forest bathing, The Mother Tree and fungal connections, Artist in-situ, 2021-.

Taking care of eachother and our symbiosis with our environment, we can take cues from Mother nature. Through performance in-situ, I explore concepts around “Mother Trees” - highly connected hub trees linked below-ground via a vast fungal network, send and received chemical messages to seedlings and other trees. In my work as a park manager, I see this link to Mother trees and their role in our ecosystems are strangely linked to contemporary motherhood in the online world. The above video depicts the discovery of fungal connections under the forest floor. We support, warn, learn and grow with eachother. This may lead in live performances and videos in a forest setting, though an online platform to explore concepts of the Mother Tree, connection, support, friendship as well as the “real” portraits of motherhood.
Artist in-situ, Mother Tree & fungal connections

Past Video installation work

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