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Vintage magazines & found materials

Connecting nature and gender identity

There's nothing more satisfying than a session of collage ✂️ Choosing old magazine, imagery that speaks to me and putting all together does make me feel like a kid again! I’m obsessed with nature and motherhood, gender roles and how everything is related in this beautiful world. 

Recent collage

"Suck it up Buttercup" a new collage series 

Suck it up Buttercup” is a powerful yet simple series of vintage collages with dried flowers that speaks to how, still to this day, media shapes our beauty ideals and contructs feminine identity.  Starting from images collected from a “Style Weekly” Magazine published in Toronto Canada in 1939, I cut and pasted together these simple analogue collages on a stark white background, then added dried buttercup flowers arranged around the figures. In this magazine, “western” women are presented as objectified beauties with perfectly curated outfits while other are shown hidden behind their clothes or void of idealized beauty standards of the time. These collages become a conversation about how we view style as a portrait of our nationalism as well as linked to our identity. Through what they wear, the figures tell very different stories, strengthening stereotypes and offer a glimpse into a particular time and place. Interestingly enough, that same year the magazine was published, a universal war was declared.


In my work, I often start with found objects and vintage artefacts, then transforming them into create a contemporary conversation about feminine discourse. Whether working with reflective materials in large-scale public art projects, found readymades in sculptural installations or capturing the essence and complexities of womanhood in portraiture and collage, my work is layered with meaning, history and textures. In my art, I enjoy storytelling about place, memory and linking that to my own personal journey.

Constructing stories, shaping identity

I'm fascinated by how women have been portrayed in the media and how this has completely transformed how we look at ourselves today. Collage brings a direct connection to the past with imagery that evoke a conversation.

"Suck it up Buttercup" a new collage series 

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