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Clay & India Ink

Approx. 9"X9"




Documentation photography by Rodrigo Moreno


About (RE) Emergence series

Using clay, I meticulously hand-built cage-like sculptures and delicate chains, symbolizing both the unyielding strength of community and the hidden and fragile burdens we carry. Each link represents a facet of identity, a fragment of our collective stories, embracing the beauty inherent in endurance. (RE)Emergence is a celebration of resilience, an ode to the indomitable spirit of motherhood. Delicate ceramic butterflies take flight, embodying the metaphorical significance of transformation and the fleetingness of life. Meticulously sculpted chains and cage-like structures symbolize both the resilience and protection inherent in a mother's hidden strength.


About Camille Myles

"I translate the energy of nature into playful art that inspires us embrace change."


Camille Myles is an emerging Canadian contemporary artist living on the shores of Georgian Bay in Tiny, Ontario. Park Superintendent & formerly an archaeologist, Myles has a deep connection to nature & history bringing hope and transformation to her community. Working in painting, sculpture, installation and public art, she creates conversations about identity, motherhood and celebrates change and growth in her work. She’s exhibited extensively and is part of private collections internationally. 


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