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"Spark" Abstracted spheres & drawings, ink & gouache on arches, mounted on board (various sizes) 

This series will be shown at MegaMindful Living in Midland from August 17 to September 28. Opening August 17, from 5-7pm. 

Composed of more than 40 paintings and works on paper  that capture the idea of letting go and creating that “spark” of joy in our lives even when we’re confronted with darkness. There will always be a balance of light and dark embedded in our journey and art can be a healing way to express that conversation with others and ourselves. As a creative mother of three, I’m looking for ways to connect with regional audiences about the mental health challenges that face young people today, especially parents, and finding ways to “spark” more self-acceptance and joy through art making. Creating alongside my children and embracing this direction in my art practice has allowed me to have a deeper connection to my family, my art and my audience.

Created initially at MOTHRA Art Residency on Toronto Island alongside my children in March 2023, these spherical paintings and works on paper displayed in an immersive wall installation play with vibrant colours and pulse feelings of freedom.

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