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Art classes for kids!

I’m so happy to have launched my art classes for kids! Every week we launch with a fun art game to loosen up, create a project inspired by an important artist (with a focus on female and under-represented artists) and draw in our sketchbooks. It’s beautiful to see how children, experiment, explore and discover new ways of seeing the world.


Cours disponibles en français!

Send me an email and let's make this happen!

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Fun after school programs in French in Simcoe County

Whether it's an after-school program or a group session, I specialize in demonstrating fun techniques using art materials in a French-speaking environment.

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Collaboration + Fun 

Kids will learn new techniques and also have a change to collaborate with friends on special projects. There are no mistakes, just experiments and new ways of seeing things.


What do we cover?



Sculpture (Clay + Papier Mâché)

Encaustic (wax painting)




Plein air painting, portraits, still life, etc.

Origami + other fun crafts

And so much more!

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” –
– Pablo Picasso. 

Creativity with Kids Project Idea!

Here’s an idea you can easily do with your kids (or grandkids or whoever’s kids!): take out a large sheet of paper or paper roll on a table and trace your arms intertwining together with oil pastels (or wax crayons). Let them make multiple arms and help each other! Then, take some water-based paint like watercolour and ask them to paint the shapes that are intersected in different colours. It’s a great and easy project to talk about collaboration in our lives and that we are all different in our unique ways but come together as a community. I did this activity for an after-school program with mostly shades of green so we can use this banner to celebrate Franco-Ontarian heritage day during some community festivities.

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