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Broken Leaves series_Hopeful Maple_2022_installed

Broken Leaves
Embracing National Identity & Imperfection

Broken Leaves Collection

This new series of "Broken Leaves" reference a symbol of national identity, the imperfect maple leaf, in vibrant oil paintings with a stark white background. Inspired by childhood memories of finding the perfect red maple leaf on crisp fall days, the artist was compelled to capture that moment when nature seems to be on fire, offering us one last brilliant display before a season of deep change. Finding that "perfect" leaf is an impossible journey. In fact, there's beauty in imperfections, cracks and holes. The artist isolates the leaf, brings forth its imperfections and celebrates our national identity, embracing our flawed past, looking to a hopeful future. The leaf will grow again, into something new.



Encaustic and portraiture