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Camille Myles_Into the Forest series_Acrylic markers on canvas_ 2023.jpg

Into the Forest

Into the Forest

“Into the Forest” Series Statement (2023)


This series of contemporary acrylic paintings “Into the Forest”, I invite viewers into vibrant woodland landscapes, testaments to the healing power of nature. These are inspired from hikes taken with my children, offering respite from chaos and overwhelm, allowing me to reconnect with the energy of the forest. 


In a world saturated with distractions, these paintings stand as visual reminders of our profound connection to the natural world. They encourage us to shift from a stance of conquering nature to one of embracing its teachings, absorbing its feminine energy and harmonizing with its vibrations. In this, we recognize that we are, fundamentally, one with nature.


My palette sings with high-key hues, playful fluorescents, and saturated complementary colors, invoking the vibrant pulse of the forest. Executed solely with acrylic paint markers without the use of a paint brush, these works emanate emotional and high-energy vibrations, capturing the very essence of the natural world.


As a National Park Superintendent, my dedication to preserving protected areas profoundly influences my art practice. It underscores my commitment to stewardship and echoes in the nuanced narratives depicted in my work. The choice of this subject-matter stems from my desire to give voice to the often unspoken story of the forest.


In challenging the prevailing narrative of traditional Canadian landscape painting, which often depicts a conquest of wilderness, my series offers a shift in perspective. It invites us to witness a changing landscape through the lens of feminine insight, acknowledging the impact of human intervention on nature. These paintings are an ode to the enduring wisdom and boundless beauty that nature generously bestows upon us all.

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