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Happy Birthday Song_Out of the picture_Camille Myles_18x24_oil on canvas_2023.jpeg

Inspired by the beauty of memory, change & our environment

Oil Painting

"Out of the Picture" Series 2023 (ongoing)

This series was sparked from flipping through family albums filled with lost memories, forgotten stories. I longed to remember these moments and reconstruct them into a new narrative, one filled with forgiveness and love. My childhood had beautiful moments but it was also a time of sorrow, abandonment and loss. Through the act of painting these memories and missing figures, I move past my resentment and anger to find myself again and heal. Deeply personal, these self-portraits take you back to a nostalgic time that the viewer can relate to through distinct colours and feelings of freedom and happiness of childhood.

Broken Leaves Collection

This new series of "Broken Leaves" reference a symbol of national identity, the imperfect maple leaf, in vibrant oil paintings with a stark white background. Inspired by childhood memories of finding the perfect red maple leaf on crisp fall days, the artist was compelled to capture that moment when nature seems to be on fire, offering us one last brilliant display before a season of deep change. Finding that "perfect" leaf is an impossible journey. In fact, there's beauty in imperfections, cracks and holes. The artist isolates the leaf, brings forth its imperfections and celebrates our national identity, embracing our flawed past, looking to a hopeful future. The leaf will grow again, into something new.