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"We're All Connected"

“The Forest Awakes Series: The Fungi Collection”, by Camille Myles

11"X14", Oil on panel




In this series “The Forest Awakes”, I explore micro views of fungi on the forest floor in flesh-like dreamy tones and expressive brush strokes to evoke the invisible interwoven connections that surround us. Fungi are symbols of continued growth, hope and rejuvenation in symbiosis with trees and life. Inspired by countless hours of fires bathing and walks during the pandemic with my children to escape confinement and isolation, I became fascinated by these unique forms that simultaneously speak to contradictions such as life & death, growth & decay, danger & serenity. The pandemic has taught us that while we were adapting to isolation and uncertainty, the outside world was flourishing and even thriving. It was nature’s comeback.We can see serenity in nature, grounding us in the present, to focus on what’s most important and offering a glimpse of hope for the future, if we choose to care.


About the artist, Camille Myles


Helping people appreciate the world's imperfections and seeing the beauty behind change, the broken & the discarded.


Formerly an archaeologist and park ranger, Myles is an award-winning Canadian contemporary artist with a deep connection to nature & history bringing hope and transformation to her community. Working in painting, sculpture, installation and public art, she creates conversations about identity and celebrates change and growth in her work.

We're All Connected: The Forest Awakes

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