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New Collection Release (Spring 2022)

About the “Reflections” Collection

This collection of encaustic, acrylic and watercolour paintings explores an intimate search for control of my own path, reflecting on place in distorted self-reflections. Playful and vibrant colours in expressively abstracted landscapes with a main element of a mirrored sphere, draws the viewer in, putting emphasis on our own will and consistent search for control of the present moment. As a mother of 3 young kids, the past two years has led me to a path to embrace my creative life and see myself accepting who I am for who I am, even through moments of confinement and social disconnection.


I bring my mirrored sphere wherever I go, finding new ways to see my environment, appreciate a different perspective, grounding me in the now in an almost transcendent way. I find the mirrored sphere offers endless imagery, endless possibilities, hope. It anchors the viewer in the present, reflects exactly the world around me and brings me a sense of power of my own decisions, my journey. Painting has become a way for me to connect with myself, to share my story, and thus connecting with others.

Hope you enjoy the collection! Always happy to answer any questions you may have, simply send me a message



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