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100 days, 100 ways: My art challenge journey for 100 days

Breaking free from creative block! January is usually a month to reflect, pause and set new goals. In the natural world, it's a time of hibernation and retreat, where life slows down for a time. In this season, I wanted to bring some life and playful reflection in my work with something new. I've been working hard to challenge my creativity constantly but sometimes feel a bit "stuck". This feeling, also known as "creative block", needs a new remedy through journalling, meditation and just having time to pause. I have to admit that resting and pressing the pause button is REALLY hard for me. I know that great ideas come to me when I'm ready to receive them and that usually happens when I'm well rested, happy and in control of my thoughts.

Waterfall_Victoria BC_reference photo
Waterfall, Victoria BC, Reference photo for 100 day art challenge, taken June 2022

One day, I was talking to my art coach and we were discussing how I can bring more ideas into my work and then I thought of an art challenge for 100 days! I've never done this before and I wanted to see how I would do it. But first, I needed to put some thought into it. I had heard before that the best way to explore and create is actually to put constraints into your work. This way, you eliminate some of the decision fatigue that can feel overwhelming. I decided to take one reference photo that was meaningful to me - a waterfall on Vancouver Island which I hiked to in June 2022 during an art residency - and re-interpret it 100 different ways in the same size. This was it! All I needed to do was to show up to my studio everyday with an intention to play, explore a different medium, using the same inspiration.

I hope this inspires you to show up a little everyday, whether it's writing poetry, your first book, paint, draw, knit, or whatever you feel inspired to create by putting constraints on yourself and allowing yourself to get out of your head, make bad art and discover something new. Everyday is a new discovery and now I look forward to pushing myself to new limits.

Waterfalls are powerful forces that change ecosystems, carve through rock and feel like the arteries of a landscape.

Follow all my creations here! I'll be updating this blog post periodically with new results from my 100 days, 100 ways challenge.

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